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Environmental Design & Public Art


John L. Haar Library Graphics

Bold supergraphics are used for a retro yet timeless feel, with additional imagery drawn from elements of community, collaboration, and innovation—core cultural values at MacEwan.

Studio 5341—made up of designers John Naboye, Quinton Wong, Cam Zimmel and myself—had the honour of working with MacEwan University to create a set of wall graphics for the newly renovated John L. Haar Library.


Design Team (Studio 5341): Angel Poon, John Naboye, Quinton Wong, Cam Zimmel

Client: MacEwan University


King Noodle House Shutters

Inspired by the strong foundations laid in Edmonton's Chinatown by the Asian Canadian community, the idea of "brickwork" transformed into tiles.

My colleagues and I had the pleasure and privilege to work with Chinatown Transformation Collaborative Society (CTC) and King Noodle House—a resilient community and local cornerstone business.

The tiles we painted on the restaurant's shutters feature imagery important and relevant to the business and its culture. Additionally, the tile-stencil method we developed allows for easy re-application.


Art Direction & Design: Angel Poon
Painters: Xenab Azam, Tom Kunz, Angel Poon, Quinton Wong
Clients: Chinatown Transformation Collaborative Society (CTC), King Noodle House

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